Jennifer Lopez Plays Rihanna as “SNL” Mocks “We Are the World”

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Saturday Night Live returned from its Winter Olympics hiatus this weekend with a killer sketch poking fun at the “We Are the World 25 For Haiti” single, where SNL cast members and guest host Jennifer Lopez assumed the guises of stars who didn’t take part in the rerecording. “Recently, the music world came together to record ‘We Are the World 2,’ a song to raise awareness of the Haiti earthquake disaster; sadly, the song itself was a disaster,” intoned Kenan Thompson, as Quincy Jones, adding that the new version recruited a “sloppy mess of half-famous Brandos” before introducing “We Are the World 3: Raising Awareness of the ‘We Are the World 2′ Disaster.” (Our readers mostly agreed with “Quincy” ’s assessment.)

Inside the “We Are the World 25″ recording sessions: photos.

Lopez’s portrayal of Rihanna scored points as the most scathing and hilarious, with J.Lo adding RiRi’s trademark “ays” and “ella-ella-ay-ay” after every line. Kristen Wiig delivered a dead-on impression of Gwen Stefani, while other SNLers took on Adam Lambert, Willie Nelson, David Crosby, Lady Gaga and frequent SNL target Shakira. “Most people wouldn’t take off their sunglasses,” Bill Hader sings as Eddie Vedder as the SNL crew pokes fun at Justin Bieber, Vince Vaughn, Fonzworth Bentley and “the weird dude in the front row” (C’mon “Gaga,” it’s the Beach Boys’ Al Jardine!).

This isn’t the first time SNL has had fun with “We Are the World”: Back in 1985,
“Prince,” or Billy Crystal in Purple Rain garb, voiced his displeasure about being left off the “We Are the World” roster by singing “I Am Also the World.” Hulk Hogan and Mr. T serve as Prince’s bodyguards, and yes, that’s Julia Louis-Dreyfus —...

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