James Murphy Opens Up About “Crazy” May LCD Soundsystem LP

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What’s the new LCD Soundsystem record like? “Boring!” raves James Murphy. Having just shipped off a last-minute addition for Shellac’s Bob Weston to master, Murphy is completely exhausted by the as-of-yet-untitled May album — which he also describes as “weird” and “crazy” — and he feels like he’s heard it one time too many.

“You ever listen to a song 40 times?” he asks. “That’s why I don’t write the lyrics until as close to the day I sing it as I can, so I don’t get sick of them.” He doesn’t over-think what he’s going to call the album or the songs either, because he figures the title should just be “the most repeated, obvious phrase… because that’s what people are going to say anyway!”

“What’s ‘Baba O’Riley’? ‘Teenage Wasteland,’ ” he says. “But it’s called ‘Baba O’Riley.’ I’m not into that. I’d rather be, ‘Dude, call it ‘Teenage Wasteland’! It’s like, you called it ‘My Generation,’ you called it ‘Satisfaction’ — those are good names!”

Song titles on the upcoming LCD Soundsystem album, consequently, are pretty simple, and will make sense once you hear them, for instance, “All I Want,” “Get Along,” “I Can Change,” “One Touch,” and “Pow Wow.” Weston wanted to call that last one “Advantages, Advantages,” or “The Advantages of Both,” Murphy says, “because that’s the other thing that’s yelled” in the song.

There isn’t, however, any song called “Why Do You Hate Music” despite earlier reports, for one reason: Murphy didnR...

Article Source: Rolling Stone : Rock and Roll Daily


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