Jackson Family Challenges 2002 Will, Denies Abuse Accusations

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Katherine Jackson has reportedly hired the Jackson family attorney to challenge son Michael Jackson’s 2002 will that named John McClain and John Branca as the co-executors of the King of Pop’s estate and assets, TMZ reports. Attorney Londell McMillan will reportedly challenge the will’s executors, even though there was a “no contest” clause in the document stating that if anyone disputed Michael’s wishes, they’d be written out as a beneficiary. Under the terms of the will, both Katherine and Michael’s three children were to receive 40 percent of Jackson’s assets, with the remaining 20 percent going to charity.

As Rock Daily reported earlier, Branca and McClain are moving quickly to secure deals for Jackson’s This Is It rehearsal footage and other music projects while the demand for Jackson’s music is still hot. According to the AP, Katherine’s lawyers were in court last Friday, July 17th, to see if they can challenge the co-executors’ decisions without triggering the “no contest” clause.

In other Jackson news, Michael’s father Joe Jackson was on CNN’s Larry King last night, denying allegations that he ever physically abused his son. “Oh, that’s a bunch of bull S. That’s a bunch of bull S,” Joe Jackson told King. In the 2003 documentary Living With Michael Jackson, Michael told journalist Martin Bashir that Joe Jackson was abusive to not only Michael but the rest of his siblings, saying his father “practiced us with a belt in his hand” and that they were punished if they were unable to pick up dance moves. “Never. Never have. And I — and I r...

Article Source: Rolling Stone : Rock and Roll Daily


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