Jackson Employees Want to Speak Out Regarding Singer’s Death

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Two employees of Michael Jackson who were present in the singer’s home on June 25th want to help investigators piece together the events leading up to the star’s death. Michael Amir, Jackson’s personal assistant, and Alberto Alvarez, a security guard who reportedly placed the 911 call demanding an ambulance, had brief informal talks with police the day Jackson died, but their lawyer Carl Douglas says the two men can shed new light on the June 25th timeline, the Los Angeles Times reports.

For instance, at 12:13 p.m. on June 25th, Amir received a panicked four-second message from Jackson’s personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, that essentially said, “Come quick.” Nine minutes later, paramedics were called to Jackson’s home. Douglas said both of his clients are eager to share more information with authorities but have so far been stonewalled. However, Douglas wouldn’t elaborate on what other information his clients might tell authorities.

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“We arranged two separate occasions for LAPD investigators to meet with my clients. My clients came early wearing suits and ties. The first meeting was canceled and rescheduled. The second meeting I had to call them to inquire about the [detectives’] absence,” Douglas told the LAT. The LAPD wouldn’t comment on an open investigation. Because Alvarez was in the room with Murray in the moments before paramedics arrived, Douglas believes his client could provide crucial information and help confirm or deny whatever Dr. Murray had previously told investigators in interviews.

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