Hype Monitor: The Drums, Helado Negro, Ducktails

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The Band: The Drums
The Buzz: Surf music from New York? Believe it: this Brooklyn combo combines the starry-eyed wonder of the Wilsons with the pout of the 80s New Romantics, generating the kind of buzz that’s going to make them regret having a name that’s impossible to Google.
Listen If: No matter what it’s like outside, the date on the calendar in your mind is always the middle of July
Key Track: The hyperactive “Let’s Go Surfing,” which features breathy vocals, a palpitating bass line and the savviest use of whistling since “Young Folks.”

The Band: Helado Negro
The Buzz: Helado Negro is the nom de pop of New York musician Roberto Carlos Lange, a South Florida ex-pat who combines traditional instrumentation with samples and homemade noisemakers to create a kind of nouveaux Tropicalia — Os Mutantes by way of James Chance.
Listen If: Your record collection goes from As Mercenarias to Tom Ze
Key Track: The soft, subtle “Deja,” where Lange’s whispered croon winds its lazy way through a thicket of acoustic guitar.

The Band: ...

Article Source: Rolling Stone : Rock and Roll Daily


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