Hype Monitor: Miike Snow, Crookers, Qwel & Maker

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The Band: Miike Snow
The Buzz: Grammy-winning Swedish producers Bloodshy and Avant (who made Britney Spears’ “Toxic” rock) team up with Brooklyn vocalist Andrew Wyatt to write subtle, low-wattage electro-pop that sparkles and hums.
Listen If: You like J.U.S.T.I.C.E. and Simian Mobile Disco, but wish they’d slow down and catch their breath every once in a while.
Key Track: The soaring, soulful “Burial,” which imagines TV on the Radio as an electro outfit, indulging every last one of their R&B inclinations.

The Band: Crookers
The Buzz: Italian duo Bot and Phra have set the internet ablaze with hyperkinetic remixes of everyone from Swedish mopers Fever Ray to Kelis. Somehow, in the midst of seemingly neverending global DJ gigs, they’ve managed to squeeze in time to record a full-length, which is on its way later this year.
Listen If: You want your morning commute to feel more like a nightclub.
Key Track: The manic “Mad Decent,” where a razor-edged synth line, sounding like an out-of-control alarm clock, darts and dashes over insistent, thumping beats. Stick around until the duck shows up.

The Band: Qwel & Maker
The Buzz: Chicago rapper turns out stark, biographical songs that occupy the same bleak terrain as Francis Bacon paintings or The Dark Knight.
Listen If: You’re tired of waiting for a new El-P album, or you’re looking for an album that has old school attitude with a manic edge.
Key Track: The bounding “Welcome to Chicago,” where Qwel’s desperate delivery does battle with creepy carnival organ and a hook that sounds like it was lifted from a ’70s TV show.


Article Source: Rolling Stone : Rock and Roll Daily

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