Hot Chip Recast as a Boy Band in Clever New “I Feel Better” Video

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Hot Chip have established themselves as much for their quirky music videos as their catchy dance pop, so it comes as no surprise that their hilarious vid for One Night Stand’s “I Feel Better” is another must-see entry in their videography. The clip finds the nerdy Hot Chip recast as a boy band and muses whether the Brits’ music would be more popular sales-wise if the members were all male models. Before trotting down the boring path of cultural commentary, however, a glowing bald figure similar to Steve Coogan in Hamlet 2 emerges from the back of the theater to horrify the screaming teenage girl fans.

From there, the video descends into lunacy: The bald man destroys the four-man boy band by shooting lightning bolts out of his mouth, only they are resurrected as a quintet. Then, a floating head pops in and shoots laser beams from his eyes and mows down the actual Hot Chip, who cameo in the video. The clip comes straight from the warped mind of director and British comic Peter Serafinowicz, who Americans might recognize as the yuppie flatmate-turned-zombie in Shaun of the Dead and who will voice the role of Paul McCartney in Robert Zemeckis’ Yellow Submarine remake.

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Article Source: Rolling Stone : Rock and Roll Daily

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