Green Day Tease “Idiot” Musical in “Last of the American Girls” Video

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In “Last of the American Girls,” the latest video off Green Day’s 21st Century Breakdown, the band bridge the gap between their punk-rock operas and their upcoming American Idiot Broadway musical with a video that’s one part rock-out in the desert, another part Glee. The video, which debuted today at, tells the story of a mundane day in the life of the “Last American Girl,” with two dancing blond twins giving the video a more theatrical flavor. Billie Joe Armstrong and Green Day perform the track in the desert, but otherwise they don’t interact with our leading ladies.

“Last of the American Girls” is kind of like a low budget version of Lady Gaga and Beyoncé’s epic “Telephone” video: Russ Meyer scenario? Check. Girl-on-girl bathing? Got it. Cartoon gunplay? Cars explode and targets burst when the lead actress simply makes the shape of a gun with her hands. The video, like its 21st Century predecessors, was directed by Marc Webb, who also helmed the equally musical-influenced (500) Days of Summer. This might be the last time Webb gets behind the camera for Green Day for awhile because he’s been tapped to direct the Spider-Man reboot, a job that’ll likely keep him too busy to moonlight on music videos. (Though we nominate Webb to direct if American Idiot, as rumored, heads to the big screen.)

As Rolling Stone previously reported, Green Day’s American Idiot stage musical is currently in preview performances at New York’s St. James Theatre. For much more on the loudest musical to hit Broadway since Tommy, including a taste of the title song as performed by the cast and interviews with the band, check out all our coverage:

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Article Source: Rolling Stone : Rock and Roll Daily


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