Comic-Con Delivers First Looks of “New Moon,” “Avatar,” “Parnassus” and More

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Hollywood heads south this week, storming San Diego for Comic-Con 2009. It all started in a basement almost 40 years ago — now, it’s sprawled to a pop culture showcase that will see 130,000 ticketed fans hit the convention center floor. And we’re part of the mess as well, picking up news on James Cameron’s landmark Avatar, checking out the Twilight sequel New Moon, getting a glimpse of Heath Ledger’s final role in Terry Gilliam’s The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus and seeing what other gifts the hall holds.

So far, the New Moon presence has whipped up the greatest frenzy, inspiring a small tent city for fans awaiting a first look at footage from the new film. (Check out our report from amid the Twihards.)

Fans also lined up to see if James Cameron’s Avatar is really as revolutionary as early buzz would have them believe. (Read out our report from inside Cameron’s dazzling presentation.)

And but the most emotional presentation so far may have been Gilliam’s unveiling of his Dr. Parnassus footage, and his description of how he and his crew continued after Ledger’s death. (See our report on the director’s latest mind-bending fantasy.)

And Comic-Con has brought a host of anticipated reveals, with fans getting a first look at Johnny Depp in Alice in Wonderland, Megan Fox in Jennifer’s Body, Robert Pattinson in New Moon and more. (Click for images of the stars and films of Comic-Con 2009.)

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