Coldplay Unveil Stop-Animation Video For “Strawberry Swing”

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Coldplay unveiled their new video for their next Viva La Vida single “Strawberry Swing” via Babelgum this morning. You might be thinking, “Viva came out like a year ago, what took the video so long?” Take one look at the video and you’ll understand why, as “Strawberry Swing” features both stop-motion animation and Chris Martin playing out a superhero fantasy. Stop-motion animation seems daunting enough to do on its own, add the fact that this was done entirely with chalk and it’s a miracle that the video came out a year after the album instead of five years. It’s one of those videos you watch at least five times just to marvel at how they made it at all, despite how many times you’ve listened to “Strawberry Swing” in the past year. The band previously utilized puppets for their “Life in Technicolor ii” video.

The video was directed by the art collective Shynola, who previously directed awe-inspiring clips like Radiohead’s “Pyramid Song,” Stephen Malkmus’ “Jo Jo’s Jacket” and Beck’s “E-Pro,” which is similar visually and stylistically to “Strawberry Swing.” The video is also one of Shynola’s first since the death of one of their four members, Gideon Baws, who passed away on October 11th after contracting a virus, the Shynola site writes.

Coldplay will release their “Strawberry Swing” single digitally on September 14th. Additionally, for those not satisfied by watching the video on YouTube, Odeon Cinemas in the U.K. will screen the video before showings of Bruno and The Proposal on July 22nd. Coldplay are currently in Texas for their U.S. tour, a jaunt that will feature a headlining appearance at this year’s All Points West festival.

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