Coldplay Soar at All Points West With Anthems, Beastie Boys Cover

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It’s terribly fashionable to criticize Coldplay but unless trenchfoot is the latest hipster accessory, there wasn’t anyone being fashionable on the third day of All Points West. With the rain and sludge double-whammy demoralizing the thousands of fans in Liberty State Park, the sound of the London-four piece spinning out a decade’s worth of stadium anthems and a few other party favors was just the unpretentious tonic that Sunday night needed.

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Dressed in their now familiar (but no-less conspicuous) French revolutionary clobber and backlit to within an inch of their lives, Chris Martin and Co. reached high gear almost instantly, dispatching “Clocks,” “In My Place” and “Yellow” before they’d even said a proper hello. “As four British people who grew up in the mud and the rain, we salute you for coming out to what can only be described as a mud Jacuzzi,” gushed Chris Martin before spinning and spiraling around the stage during “42″ like a little boy who’s just discovered how fun it is to make yourself dizzy.

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Although the band is nearing the end of a touring cycle that has been in motion since last year’s Viva La Vida or Death And All His Friends, they attacked the set with all the verve and energy of a band who’ve just come out of hibernation rather than beginning to go back into it. It’s a prowess that made the woozy psychedelic sway of “Strawberry S...

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