Behind “Green Day: Rock Band”: Sneak Preview and Full Track List

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Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt and Tré Cool were so devoted to making June 8th’s Green Day: Rock Band, the trio let themselves suck — again and again. “We filmed a bunch of animations of the band failing and the crowd booing them,” Harmonix Project Developer Chris Foster tells Rolling Stone. “It turns out when Green Day saw the finished version, they loved it. They thought it was hysterical.”

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The key to making the game, which will feature three full albums (21st Century Breakdown, American Idiot and Dookie), plus a handful of the group’s earlier songs, was the details: the band insisted on including stage divers and crowd surfers, the innovative video segments currently rolling on the 21st Century Breakdown tour and key elements from their early days (keep an eye out for their first van, the Bookmobile). The avatars’ tattoos evolve; the guitars are scratched in the back where the bandmembers’ belt buckles have etched in deep scars. And the band is convinced fans will dig the effort: “Seeing ourselves through the lens of this video game has been mind-blowing,” Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong says in a statement. “Green Day: Rock Band undeniably manages to capture the best moments and work of our insane careers. We can’t wait for our fans to experience it.”

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Green Day: Rock Band comes with a 47-song track list that rolls out as the band progresses through three venues. The game opens in a fictional space dubbed the Warehouse, which Foster says captures the grimier spaces the band was still rocking as Dookie broke. The trio then move to the Milton Keynes National Bowl, home of Green Day’s 2005 live album...

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