Adam Lambert Argues “I’m Not a Babysitter” on “The Early Show”

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Adam Lambert defended his controversial American Music Awards performance on The Early Show this morning, telling host Maggie Rodriguez the AMAs were filled with content that wasn’t kid-friendly. “I think it’s up to the parents to discern what their child is watching on television. Lady Gaga smashing whiskey bottles, Janet Jackson grabbing a male dancer’s crotch, Eminem talking about how Slim Shady has 17 rapes under his belt — there was a lot of very adult material on the AMAs this year and I know I wasn’t the only one.”

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Lambert was the only star to face a major backlash following the ceremony, which aired from 8 to 11 p.m. ET on ABC Sunday night. After ABC received 1,500 complaints over Lambert’s simulated oral sex and make-out session with a male bandmate, the network nixed his appearance on Good Morning America. Lambert argued that female pop stars wouldn’t have received the same scrutiny, and that being gay and a man was a “double whammy” because audiences “haven’t seen that before.” He concluded, “I’m not a babysitter. I’m a performer.”

Lambert admitted his final performance didn’t precisely mirror rehearsals, and that ABC was rightfully taken by surprise by some of his racy ad-libs. But he said he had “no clue” the performance would grab so many headlines. “I admit I did get carried away, but I don’t see anything wrong with it. I do see how people got offended, and that was not my intention.” Arguing he didn’t consider young fans would be watching because “it was a nighttime show. I was there in the audience filled with mostly adults,” Lambert said he comes from the theater world and foc...

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