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Coldplay Unveil Stop-Animation Video For “Strawberry Swing”

July 20th, 2009
Coldplay unveiled their new video for their next Viva La Vida single “Strawberry Swing” via Babelgum this morning. You might be thinking, “Viva came out like a year ago, what took the video so long?” Take one look at the video and you’ll understand why, as “Strawberry Swing” features both stop-motion animation and Chris Martin playing out a superhero fantasy. Stop-motion animation seems daunting enough to do on its own, add the fact that this ...

Mark Hoppus Previews Blink-182 Tour: “Favorite Songs” on “Ridiculous” New Stage

July 20th, 2009
Photo: Shearer/WireImage On July 23rd, a reunited Blink-182 will kick off a massive summer tour in grand fashion, performing together on a Las Vegas stage for the first time in five years. Last week, Rolling Stone pulled bassist Mark Hoppus from the band’s pre-tour rehearsals — the first ever in the trio’s history — and he told us that they’ve been collaborating with production designer Martin Phillips, who has worked with Kanye West and Nine Inch ...