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Rob Sheffield Remembers Ultimate Indie Cult Hero Alex Chilton

March 18th, 2010
Photo: Michael Ochs Archive/Getty Classic Alex Chilton live moment: 1987, long after midnight, a sleazy rock bar in Roanoke, Virginia. When the man strikes up his best-loved song, the Big Star classic “September Gurls,” some drunk idiot celebrates by throwing a bottle that hits the guitar. Chilton cuts the song dead right at the syllable “Sep—” and snarls, “If I catch the motherfucker who threw that bottle, I’m gonna kill him.” Then, to the ...

“American Idol” Eliminates Lacey Brown, Gets a Visit From Ke$ha

March 18th, 2010
American Idol delivered its first Ford commercial set to an unlikely tune last night — the Hives’ “Tick Tick Boom” — which was quite appropriate for Rolling Stones week since the Swedish garage rockers’ charismatic frontman Howlin’ Pele Almqvist has borrowed 70 percent of his mind-blowing stage show from Mick Jagger. If Idol can somehow get even one percent of its massive viewership to revisit the band’s incredible 2000 disc Veni Vidi Vicious, Season Nine ...

News Ticker: U2, Waka Flocka Flame, Patti Smith, Smashing Pumpkins

March 18th, 2010
Photo: Kane/WireImage U2 will release their Artificial Horizon remix album as a triple-vinyl set on May 14th. According to the album’s site, Trent Reznor, Justice and Hot Chip are among the 13 producers who reworked songs from Pop to No Line on the Horizon. Waka Flocka Flame has been arrested for violating his probation by traveling outside of Georgia." Target="blank">MTV News reports the rapper will be held in a Houston jail pending a hearing in ...